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Preston Bus Station

In what has felt like a never-ending saga, I hear that Preston Bus Station has taken another lurch towards demolition. There’s been a long and wide-ranging campaign to try and save it, but it seems the Council have released another statement saying they view it as a lost (or expensive) cause.

Here are some photographs I did back in 2007 that The Guardian’s architecture critic Jonathan Glancey – a big fan of the building – has used in G2, and to try and in various public talks to try and persuade decision makers to row back on the decision. That first one from the top of the car park has also been in Blueprint. Some of them have been on ArchHive and in a piece I actually wrote with my own little mind, in Concept For Living.

If you appreciate twentieth century architecture, in all it’s concrete, brutalist glory – I’d heartily recommend you pay it a visit before the bulldozers move in. You’ll regret it when it’s been flattened and there’s just another Tesco.

Stunning building. Would have made an amazing arts venue. Alas not; cuts, grumble, ffs, etc.

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